vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

Romania in India 2012 - Mood Indigo Worldfest Mumbai (English)

Between the 14th and the 24th of December 2012, Doinita Folk Ensemble from The Students' House of Culture from Bucharest - Romania has participated at Mood Indigo Worldfest in Mumbai, India - Asia's largest cultural college festival. 

We can say we discovered another world: different education, different culture...a whole different life style!
They impressed us at first sight: when we arrived in front of the airport they greeted us in an indian traditional way: with flower garlands round our necks and red spots on our foreheads. Other things that impressed us:
- the fact that most of the indian women wear sarris daily (not occasionally)
- the specific head movement of indian people
- the monkeys that were walking on the campus roads or near the temples as dogs in our country
- the traffic! they pass on red light and they have their own way to give priority. 

We visited many interesting places, like:

Elephanta Caves 

Gateway of India

IITB Temple

The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel 

Talking about the artistic side, Romania left a good impression, leaving open doors for future participations. We had 3 performances, a carnival and a workshop. The other international groups that participated at Mood Indigo Worldfest were Serbia, Italy, Japan and Sri Lanka. 
Other interactive activities:
- Every country had to arrange a national tent. Inside Romania's tent we had traditional objects, folk costumes and representing pictures from Romania. 
- Doinita Folk Ensemble participated at: a Bollywood Dance workshop organised by the Indian hosts; a flag workshop organised by Sbandieratori dei Rioni - Cori-Italy; an origami workshop organised by Iov Fukui - Japan; a dance workshop organised by Simyonov Folk Ballet Ensemble - Belgrade - Serbia.
- On the 21st of December, Doinita Folk Ensemble had VIP tickets at Simple Plan concert in Mood Indigo Worldfest! Thank you Mood Indigo!!! 

- Show 1: 

- Show 2:

- Carnival:

- Bollywood Workshop :

This was an unique experience that we will surelly never forget! Mood Indigo Worlfest has definitely reached it's target: creating strong relashionships between us and Indians, but also between us and other participant countries. Only by knowing and understanding each other's culture, people will make world a better place!